Amazon vs 7 girls – The Ultimate Match Part I


This amazing clip is a great example of 100% competitive, challenging and unique female wrestling.

Heavyweight Czech Amazon encounters 7 girls on the mats. These 7 brave girls are one by one systematically trying to make Lucrecia (112 kg) submit or pin her (arm-bars and chokes were allowed). They have long 80 minutes to subdue big Lucrecia in many 1 on 1 rounds of nonstop fight. After this 2 of the girls wrestled Lucrecia for 10 minutes in 2 on 1 part, trying to overpower their massive opponent.

The chosen fighters were – cute Revana (52 kg), sporty Molly (51 kg), tough Kornelia (53 kg), slender but strong Giselle (54 kg), experienced Sasha (52 kg), fit Ali (53 kg) and a very feisty ex-judoka Roxy (54 kg).

So the goal is that all girls try to make at least one pin or submission – reward for this is 300€ prize for first girl which can achieve this. And Lucrecia’s goal? Very simple: Enjoy squashing all 7 girls, make them submit or pin them with count till 20 and of course last the 90 minutes long match!

There are many exquisite moments in this match – pins, humiliating holds, headscissors, bodyscissors, armbars, chokes, escapes, mean trash talk and fast transitions from both sides.

This clip contains first part of the match including pre-match interview with wrestlers. It was a custom video and it was filmed in cooperation with Fight Pulse production.

To get the video click here

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