Smother Obsession

Voluptuous Goddess Gloria has her toy Frankie just for herself and she is living it up in her own, sadistic way..

Gloria embraces her victim gently but firmly enough so he can’t escape from between her boobs. Her boobs got way bigger lately, which is excellent for breast smothering like this! Czech dominatrix won’t let go of Frank until she is happy. Beautiful Gloria smothers skinny boy while he’s trapped in her body scissors and she goes on in different positions for long 20 minutes, giving him just short periods of time to take a breath.. What a playful, hedonistic afternoon!

This video was a custom request filmed for our amazing fan and supporter. If you’d like to set up your own custom video, feel free to get in touch with Lucrecia via email listed in the description.

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breast smother domination

boob smothering

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