Sadistic Playtime : Scissored and Facesat

So charming but also scary – Gloria seems almost like a succubus, seducing Duncan between her legs and slowly sucking out his energy with her trained, strong legs and her big buttocks.


Czech dominatrix seems to enjoy this past time way more than her male-toy is. Gloria pins him, squashes his face and submerges into her dominant mode as she squeezes him more and more. Duncan’s face quickly changes colour to Gloria’s amusement. But this beautiful, strong succubus wants more – she wants him to scream for her. Oh, Gloria always gets what she wants! Czech vixen makes Duncan tap with her full-weight ass smothering, reversed headscissors, figure four, breast smothering, foot chokes and her favorite front headscissors. Watching her at work is exciting but also a bit frightening!

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