Toying with Bob

Czech wrestling Lucrecia domination

Czech amazon Lucrecia

Lucrecia wants to try out how long can her victim resist her scissorholds. As she goes for various headscissors and body scissors with minimal effort, Bob tries to escape – without any succes. She has lots of time to apply each hold and slowly add on his pain, she is also pulling his hair sometimes as she is bored with such weak opponent.

Amazon Lucrecia decides to try out how much can her new victim resist when she scissors him with her strong legs. Lucrecia applies holds with just little bit of her strength as Bob is very bad at protecting himself from Lucrecia’s thick thighs. Bob tires to get out several times but it’s just not possible for him. Czech Amazon is slowly tormenting her weak victim in reversed headscissors, figure 4 headscissors, front headscissors, bodyscissors, standing headscissors and some more.

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