Amazon vs Puny Girl – Part 1: Scissorhold Challenge

Kornelia (50 kg/110 lbs) vs Lucrecia (110 kg/242 lbs) is a biggest size mismatch that was filmed so far for this store!

Amazon Lucrecia challenges petite but tough Kornelia for a special scissorhold challenge and a competitive submission wrestling match. The scissorhold challenge consists of headscissors (2 front, 2 reverse), bodyscissors (front, reverse, side and from behind) and triangles (2 front, 2 reverse) comparison – each girl tries 4 positions of each hold. Lucrecia makes poor Kornelia tap multiple times, enjoys her dominance over slim girlie, while Kornelia has 1 minute in each hold to make Lucrecia tap and win 100 euros! Can she make it at least once? Or will Lucrecia humiliate this girlie with her massive thighs, strong neck and stubbornness? Will 162 cm/ 5’3″ Kornelia even able to hug Lucrecia’s big body with her short legs?

This part of video includes headscissor challenge, body scissor comparison and  triangle.

To get the video click here

small vs big wrestling bodyscissors headscissors curvy scissorhold challenge bodyscissors


reverese headcsissors scissorhold female wrestling

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