Pass out under my ass!

This silly guy thought that my face sitting is easy to take. Well let’s see how he can deal with full weight smothering treatment for 14 minutes straight just with few seconds each time to breath in. The moments when I feel him fighting for breathe and panicking are very exciting for me just as the feeling of being in control! After all he has no other choice than getting used to this. And if he faints? I don’t care..


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One thought on “Pass out under my ass!

  1. Hello LUCRECIA. I would love to be full weight smothered under your ass. Hopefully for longer than 14 minutes. I would spend an entire day UNDERneath YOU. Be really great if you sat on my face on a softer surface like an air mattress so all of your ass and weight pushes down on my FACE as you make me squirm under YOU.

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