Lucrecia’s revenge on Chloe Davis

Two strong amazons encounter on mats. Today it doesn’t look so well for Chloe Davis.

Chloe makes few attempts to fight back but Lucrecia is just way too much obssesed with idea of pinning her and smother the British Glamazon. Although punishment with scissorhold looks nice too!

Amazon Chloe is experienced wrestler but  this time she is just not having a good day. She gets stuck under Lucrecia’s 108 kgs and ends up being punished with facesitting. Tall beauty is dominated, breast smothered and humiliated. Strong Lucrecia still does have vivid memories of being beaten up by Chloe, so she is truly enjoying this sweet revenge.

In this fight you can see sgp, reversed pin, boob smothering, facesitting, reversed facesitting, bodyscissors, headscissors, reveresed scissors, figure 4 scissors and choke.

This match is a fantasy wrestling match.


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2 thoughts on “Lucrecia’s revenge on Chloe Davis

  1. I adore this fight. I love it because lucrecia is a hands-down winner against chloe. I’ve seen these two fighters clash before on a different website. It was a massive disappointment for me that lucrecia failed to win. I’m british, the same nationally as chloe, nevertheless, I rooted for the gorgeous Czech girl lucrecia.

    This time, lucrecia socks it to her enemy. Lucrecia schoolgirl pins her, neckscissors her, and facesits the well trounced victim. And, lucrecia never looked better in lingerie and stockings. The lovely Czech lady fills out her bra and panties magnifently, and looks superb in her elegant stockings. This fight was a great triumph for lucrecia.

    “Well done lucrecia! Congratulations, and thank you for a fantastic victory. You outclassed her. You’ve made this man very happy.”

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