Smothering treatment

Amazon Lucrecia is in super-playful state of mind and since her aim is to find out Bobette´s resistance he has no other options!

Of course he is very naive and tries to fight his problem which is in this case just too big – Lucrecia´s huge butt cheeks, boobs and also belly – these are the lethal weapons for today’s one sided game. It’s not fun at all at times to take Czech Amazon’s 110 kgs, whether it’s facesitting. breast smothering or her belly flops. Czech bbw Mistress is really amused by her male toy as she squashes him in multiple positions such as breast smothering, reversed and frontal facesitting, belly smothering, thighs squashing and even bit of hand smothering. This clip shows off Lucrecia’s  domination with use of all her strong curvy body in the best ways.

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One thought on “Smothering treatment

  1. Such a lucky slave I am so jealous I’d love to have my face burried in your perfect ass, to have your belly’s sweet skin smothering me and feeling your weight crushing my whole body at once.

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