Amazon Lucrecia Destroys 3 girls

Foxy (52 kg, 164 cm/115 lb, 5’5″) Sasha (52 kg,156cm/115 lb, 5’1″) and Virginia (52 kg, 162cm/115 lb,5’4″) – all three have experience with wrestling and they love to wrestle. But will this be enough to face Lucrecia (110 kg, 182cm/242 lb, 6′) who is 2 times bigger then them?

They will face amazon Lucrecia on mats, one by one in a fully competitive match and they will all try their best!

Rules: After one girl taps, another girl will face Lucrecia. Meanwhile they can rest, watch others wrestle and try to advice them. This goes on for 45 minutes without Lucrecia having longer breaks. They can go for pins and submissions such as scisshorholds but no chokes, arm bars or leglocks.

Also bet was made in order to motivate girls – if any of these girls can make Czech Amazon tap, they will receive 200 euro – sounds like a good reason to try harder. Especially Virginia who is relatively new but strong for her size, trains BJJ and who truly hates to be pinned tries to scissor Lucrecia’s neck, body or get on top of her multiple times. Fiesty Virginia is not afraid to get aggressive even against big girl such as Lucrecia Adira. Foxy, who is more experienced and flexible tries to sneak out and apply some holds too but unfortunately Foxy is not the strongest girl. Sasha who is now very fit as she works out every day and got significantly better in wrestling is also focused to win the bet too but can she beat a woman who is 58 kg heavier and 26 cm taller?

Foxy, Virginia and Sasha are counting on that Czech Amazon should get exhausted after 40 minutes of nonstop of wrestling and they might have an opportunity to make Lucrecia tap. On the other hand Lucrecia has so many advantages – 58 kg of outweigh, height, strength, more wrestling experience and big ego that makes her almost never tap!

This video was a custom and was made to point out Lucrecia’s physical dominance. There is short interview before and after match, 45 mins competitive match with pins and submissions and a victory pose.

I would recommend this clip for all fans of one sided but very competitive female wrestling action, pins and of course big strong girls 😉

This video was filmed with Fight Pulse production who were so kind to help me and film this awesome custom video!

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victory pose 3 vs 1

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