Boyfriend Demolished By Her Strong Legs

Gloria returns home after a long day to her boyfriend just to find out he was laying around all day, playing games on his phone while she was working hard. Gorgeous Czech wrestler gets ballistic when he replies that he just got a new lever. She quickly grabs skinny boyfriend and locks him with her thighs immediately showing him who is the boss in this house. Gloria’s boyfriend protests against that but Gloria is so much stronger. Also she is super angry and she knows exactly how to crush his male ego (and his neck too). Gloria is merciless and keeps choking boyfriend until she takes out all the anger and feels satisfied with her mean scissor punishment.

In this video you can see some hot headscissor holds such as reversed, standing, front head scissors and also triangle choke or figure four. Gloria is wearing sexy wetlook leggings and transparent fishnet top with red bra.

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