Butt Face-Smashing by Rage and Lucrecia

So little he knows about the treatment he is getting into. Two wild women – Rage and Lucrecia want to have fun and there is absolutely nothing stopping them.

They overwhelm their victim quickly ass-bouncing him from each side, showing Marek he is just a convenient male dummy to try out the most sadistic positions. Lucrecia and Rage show the perfect example of creativity, kink and two dominant, strong women who show their superiority. No matter how Marek taps he ends up breathless again! Either in Lucrecia’s scissors while Rage gives him her round butt treatment, or trapped in full nelson while buried deep in Lucrecia’s voluptuous ass. They both smother him at same time, choke him while face sitting and push him into Lucrecia’s cleavage. This Smother team knows exactly how to make a guy desperate!


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