Don’t Fuck Around with Rage Shieldmaiden!

Old, skinny Ziko is grown enough to know that he shouldn’t be cheating, but he does not follow rules! This competitive match with amazing wrestler Rage has a very simple simple rules – pins and scissorhold submissions only. Ziko suddenly starts choking Rage in the second round which turns out to be a very bad decision for this guy.. Strong beauty immediately shows him how  proper chokes and BJJ submissions should look like! Rage also verbally humiliates Ziko about his fitness skills and stamina which aren’t very good as he keeps begging for breaks often. This makes Balkan male-crusher Rage want to make him suffer even more and she is showing her powerful bodyscissors, tight headscissors but also pins that she is very good at. Vicious wrestler makes him tap twice sometimes to entertain herself since this man is so unworthy of her skills or strength.. In the end Rage does some hot victory poses and flexing over her weak opponent at the end of this one sided competitive match.

To get the video click on the photos or here


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