Feet Sadism

Degraded, pulverized and completely overwhelmed – these words sum up treatment of poor Marek that was served by ruthless Rage and Lucrecia. These two are a bad-ass duo that won’t leave any male safe. Passionate Slavic girls just know exactly what to do, to utterly destroy a grown man. Rage and Lucrecia make their victim feel like a real life puppet who is thrown around, stepped on, slapped by feet, crushed under their soles and ridiculed all way round. Rage can’t help but giggle when Lucrecia gags Marek with her used stockings. Lucrecia and Rage both enjoy this cruel game as much as possible and smother Marek with their feet, him into a foot worship. When curvy Amazons finish Marek’s destruction, they just leave him exhausted on the mats claiming that they will fuck him up more next time.

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