Pinned, smothered and scissored

Lucrecia mixed wrestling bbw smothering scissorhold


Strong Amazon Lucrecia invites her male opponent Bert to play a fun wrestling game in her style – wrestling, smothering, facesitting, headscissors and loads of pins with schoolgirl’s pin included.

Bert is focused to tries Lucrecia’s endurance but to be honest this match is not his best attempt ever. He ends up crushed under Czech Amazon’s weight or between her strong legs mostly.

Finally, Bert just blacks out after being squeezed mercilessly with Strong Lucrecia’s big thighs.

During the match you can see Lucrecia applying these holds – schoolgirl’s pin and other various pins, front headscissor, figure 4 headlock, reversed headscissor, frontal face sitting, reversed face sitting

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